Introducing Tech Design Sacramento!

Design Sacramento is excited to announce the launch of our new event series:


In this series we’ll be focusing on the intersection between design and technology—exploring the processes and principles that uniquely apply to designing for tech.

With the rise of tech, the role of design has also risen. Tech companies are competing on usability, simplicity, and satisfying user needs—all areas where great design has been shown to have a big impact.

This has elevated the profile of design, but has also brought new questions around designing for tech:

What skills are needed?

How do designers work in the scrum process?

How do we gather evidence that a design will succeed or did succeed?

Are we UX or UI or Interaction or Product Designers?

And of course, should designers code? 

We’d like Tech Design Sacramento to be a place to explore these questions together, to meet the people in our local tech/design communities, and to learn from each other. This feels particularly relevant in Sacramento right now—we’re neighbors to San Francisco, the global center of technology, and our tech community is starting to grow along with it. I recently moved to Sacramento after working in San Francisco at a few tech companies, and have been excited to find a place to connect with others in the tech/design scene. Hopefully this can be that place!

We’d also like this to be a broad community, open to anyone who’s interested in these topics—even if you’re a designer not in the UX/Design/Tech fields, or if you’re in an adjacent role like engineering, product management, marketing, research, etc—we’d love to have you!

Our first event will be a launch party mixer. I’ll provide an introduction and we’ll have a couple short guest segments:

  • Jeff Kriege (myself), Design Lead at HealthSherpa, formerly at Dropbox, Atlassian, Intercom.

  • Lia Fetterhoff, Senior UX Designer at Google, formerly at Nest, Attik.

  • Douglas Struble, UX Designer at SMUD, and certified Design Sprints Facilitator.

It’s all happening Wednesday, October 16th at the beautiful offices of Position Interactive.

Learn more and get your free tickets now!

Hope to see you there!

Jeff Kriege,

Tech Design Sacramento Lead