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Pricing for Profit: Designing a Sustainable Creative Services Business

  • Sierra 2 Center for the Community and the Arts 2791 24th St, Room 10 Sacramento, CA USA (map)

Do you struggle having the "money talk" with your clients?

Unsure how to set fees that keep you competitive and profitable? Trying to push past imposter syndrome and step into those creative professional shoes right in front of you?

In this 4-hour workshop, you’ll take away a variety of empowering, field-tested, and workable solutions to help you:

  • Cultivate a money mindset, develop a sustainable business model, and position your services competitively

  • Scale perspiration with profit margins to maintain a healthy bottom line

  • Dig into the psychology of why creative professionals often struggle to recognize and reinforce their value proposition to clients

We’ll also explore:

  • The Price is Right: Getting comfortable charging what your expertise demands

  • Dollars and ‘Sense:’ Determining your overhead costs, profit goals, marketplace temperature, and smart growth strategies

  • Put your Money Where your Mouth Is: Sample scripts for how to talk shop with clients, raise rates, navigate objections, and more!

Event Partner/ Sponsor: The Whole Creative / Marcy Wacker